Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

by decmi

Mission Statement 

Decmi Integrated Services Limited is in business to ensure complete customer satisfaction by providing unparalleled quality services and job delivery; this is achieved with a strong commitment to safety, employee growth and development, respect for the environment and creation of strategic partnership with our clients.

This objective drives our corporate thinking and actions, and the mutual acknowledgement and understanding of them by our partners and clients from the basis for our business relationships.

To sustain this objective our commitment is to constantly strive to improve on our services and job delivery. This will enable us to build and sustain a work culture that is firmly related in professionalism, respect for the individual, internal efficiency and dedicated services.

Our Strategy 

We are a learning Organization. 

Great companies are built on great ideas. As a learning organization we are constantly searching for and adopting better ways to deliver quality jobs and services. This is to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and total customer satisfaction.

We listen to our customers. 

We listen with empathy to our costumer, so as to enable us understand what it is they want to achieve at any particular point in time. This improves efficiency and effectiveness.

Safety of the Environment and Individual 

While providing services or working for our clients be it in the field or the office environment, we ensure that environmental and safety rules are adhered to. We ensure the safety of our employees by providing a very conducive working environment, safety training and adequate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Production /Production Capability (P/PC) Balance 

Our effectiveness lies in what we call the P/PC balance. P stands for production of desired result. PC stands for production capability, the ability or the assets that produces result. We invest in our employees and we treat them, as we want them to treat our best customers. We also take down time to undertake periodic maintenance and upgrading of our physical assets. This strategy enables us to be in the best position to meet customer’s needs and expectations.