by decmi

Decmi’s cathodic protection services mission is to provide our customers the best and most reliable Corrosion control technique via Coatings in conjunction with cathodic protection systems based on our decades of experience and know-how. We can supply complete packages from a single source – consultancy, site survey, optimized engineering, material selection, material procurement, installation, commissioning maintenance and after sales service.

Decmi is supported by experienced and reputable engineering professionals who have been involved in several Gas & Oil projects.

We provide a wide range of cathodic protection (CP) services and solutions that prevent and control corrosion as a part of asset integrity management. In order to prevent corrosion from damaging and tearing down valuable assets, cathodic protection systems are installed. We have more experience within cathodic protection and offer various types of solutions.

We have well qualified staff, with considerable practical and theoretical experience utilizing professional approach to problem solving. Using our Toolbox TM approach, appropriate technique, or combination of techniques to solve client‘s problems. We do not rely on any particular type or kind of equipment and this makes our solutions to problems unbiased, technically sound and above all, in the best interests of our clients.

We offer the widest range of services and products from a variety of different manufacturers. Because we are not committed to a single supplier, we can provide our customers with an objective evaluation of their requirements, together with cost-effective solutions.

With the wide range of products and services available, we are able to offer customers equipment that can be easily integrated into any system. Truly, the requirements of your project will determine the selected equipment.